Neck Brace

Neck Brace 2023

At True Medical Supplies, we offer various neck brace support options that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our adjustable braces can be customized to provide the perfect fit, while our braces made from comfortable and breathable materials will not irritate your skin. Additionally, we provide neck braces designed for seniors that cater to their unique needs by offering added neck and upper spine support. A neck brace for posture can give you the support necessary to maintain proper alignment and strengthen your neck muscles.

Neck pain caused by an injury can present difficult obstacles in your daily life. A cervical collar aids in post-surgery recovery by reducing cervical spine motion. A cervical collar can assist in relieving discomfort after a whiplash injury by immobilizing the cervical spine and keeping the head in a gravity-aligned position.

One of the critical advantages of choosing True Medical Supplies is that all our neck braces are covered by insurance or Medicare. This implies you can obtain essential support without worrying about the associated expenses.

Our team is ready to aid you in navigating the process and ensuring that you receive the necessary assistance. We can also help you complete the required paperwork to ensure you receive the maximum possible coverage.

Hence, if you are searching for a superior quality neck brace to improve your posture, look no further than True Medical Equipment. With our diverse selection of comfortable and effective braces and our commitment to supporting you through the insurance process, we are always available to help you obtain the necessary support to feel your best.