Shoulder Brace

Shoulder Brace 2023

If you are experiencing shoulder pain or recovering from a shoulder injury, a shoulder brace can support you. Shoulder braces can help relieve pain and support your shoulder while it heals, which is particularly beneficial for rotator cuff injuries, shoulder problems, and bursitis. The best part is that many shoulder braces are covered by insurance, including Medicare.


At True Medical Equipment, we understand how important it is to have access to quality medical outfits. That is why we offer a range of shoulder braces covered by insurance. Our shoulder brace support options are designed to meet the requirements of various cases, including seniors.


A shoulder brace for the rotator cuff can support you to alleviate pain and encourage movement. This brace helps keep your arm neutral, reducing strain on the rotator cuff muscles and tendons.


For those with shoulder disturbance, a brace can help keep the shoulder joint in place as it heals. This can help further injury and give support as the muscles and ligaments around the joint strengthen.


A shoulder brace can help reduce inflammation and support the affected area If you have bursitis. By reducing movement in the shoulder, a brace can help further vexation and allow the body to heal. 


At True Medical Equipment, we aim to assist you in obtaining the medical equipment you require. That is why we provide a variety of shoulder braces that are covered by insurance, including Medicare. We have options for those seeking shoulder braces to treat rotator cuff injuries, problems, or bursitis. Moreover, our Shoulder Brace for seniors is designed to meet the unique needs of elderly individuals.


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Take control of your shoulder pain and reclaim your quality of life. Contact True Medical Supplies today to learn how we can help you obtain a free shoulder brace covered by Medicare or insurance and take the first step toward managing your shoulder pain and improving your mobility.


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