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Orthopedic Back Brace

Back Brace

This covers all LSOs back brace, as well as the TLSO Back Brace and Supports, orthopedic braces and supports. This comprises the Aspen, Disc Disease Solutions, and SLEEQ Back Supports lines from our product portfolio. Call us at 404-855-6264 to speak to the expert who will assist you receive your back brace to determine if you qualify

Knee Brace

All of the knee braces we provide, such as hinged knee braces, OA (osteoarthritis) knee braces, post-op knee braces, and ACL/PCL knee braces, are covered by insurance.

Glucose Monitor

The tiny sensor, which is the size of two stacked quarters, can be quietly scanned even through clothing. Even your compatible smartphone can be used to scan the sensor. Its 14-day sensor is simple to wear and straightforward to apply. You may exercise, swim, and take a shower while wearing it because it is water resistant.

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True Medical Supplies has formed with a goal to server the people who are in need of any Orthopedic Braces for their Back, Knee, Wrist & Ankle Pain

Our focus is to supply on-time supply while using our services, namely quick turnaround times and dedicated support.

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